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It wasn’t that painfull after all.

So do remember to update your RSS feed. New feeds can be found here.

But bear with me. I’m still working on the layout of the blog. And trust me I’m impatient, because I want the new blog to have a different look than the old one. A more simple, yet modern theme is what I’m going for. But I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me. So if any of you guys know of a great wordpress theme, please let me know.

And other tips are welcome as well.

Have a nice evening.

Image: Bolaget


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I’ve been feeling a bit weird lately, and therefore haven’t been blogging that much. I guess my inspiration took a break or something. But it’s coming back again, and I feel an urge to blog again. We went to Aarhus this weekend, did a bit of shopping and visited some family. It was nice, and I always get inspired when I walk around town.

We bought this cute little sugar bowl from Muuto, designed by Jonas Wagell, and now all I can think of is the yellow cookie jar. I don’t know if it’s the jar, or the cookies we’ll keep in the jar that attracts me the most though.

But luckily for me, my hubby and I will be spending a weekend in Copenhagen in the beginning of June, and I’ll be able to walk the streets for inspiration. I cannot wait. It’s nice to get some time all by ourselves, and we’re going to what I hope is an amazing concert with the Danish singer Tina Dickow. So with these things happening, I’m happy that I feel inspired again. Actually, I worked on my more private work station this weekend, and now I may actually get a place all to myself, where I can be creative and do my stuff.

Image: Muuto

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I’ve been working from home today due to a feverish little boy. It was my first time after I got the new job. And luckily enough, I made it for the daily deadline. But now I need some time all to myself – and what better way to have that than to blog. So here I am. I’ve been collecting wonderful images from the website bo-laget. And I feel very inspired right now. I’ll share some of them with you now, and save some for later.

I’ll just head over to Blogging Your Way’s forum, and catch up. For those of you, who are considering taking Holly Becker’s e-course (decor8), I have one thing to say. Just do it! I promise you, you won’t regret it.

Images: bo-laget

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