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Who: Photographer Morten Kildegaard and his two kids – but they also live with their mothers.

Where: Copenhagen, Vesterbro

Images: FRI


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I fel in love with this room the very first time I lay my eyes on it. It’s so perfect and a room, where you want to spend a lot of time in. The lucky girl is Maren (1), who lives in Brooklyn, NY with her parents. The room is 84 square feet and it is long and narrow.

Things I really love about the room:

  • The 15 IKEA storage boxes on the wall. They are amazing for almost everything. Unfortunately, we cannot buy them in white in Denmark anymore. So our wall can never be completed.
  • The white painted floor.
  • That yellow is the recurring color in the room. It’s a great way to create a cozy atmosphere, and color is always a great way to emphasize that this room is meant for playing.
  • All in all, I feel very inspired to do something about my daughter’s side of the room.
Images: Ohdeedoh

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Who: Nils and Susann Gustafson and their kids Albert (8) and  Aprilia (4).

Where: house (from 1901) in Ramdala, Sweden

Size: 150 kvm

Images: Hus&Hem

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Images: Stadshem

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I’m going to Berlin in a few weeks time, and I’m starting to get excited about the return to the city. So in order to get in the right mood I’ll show you a few pictures from the great German site Freunde von Freunde. If you are the slightest bit interested in creative people, and how they live, you should check out this site.

Meet Christiane Bördner (Art director) and Marcus Gaab (Photographer) in their home (Prenzlauer Berg) and work studio in Kreuzberg. Their home is an apartment (two apartments combined) of 250 kvm. They live there with their two kids (4 and 11 years old). Let yourself get inspired by all their creative details, and the amazing photos. Who wouldn’t want to live with a photographer?

Learn more about Christiane and Marcus and their firm here. You owe yourself to visit I love You magazine right here too. If you want to learn more about Marcus and his job, follow his blog here or visit his site here. And finally, see lots more pictures on Freunde von Freunde.

Images: Freunde von Freunde

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It’s a wonderful issue this time. Like the current issue of babiekins, Papier mache magazine features something from Denmark, which is really nice. Apart from the article on the Danish designer behind the clothing brand katvig, the magazine is packed with inspiration. The layout is so simple and cool, and I really love that about the magazine.

There’s a tour of Vigga Svensson’s (Katvig) home, which I’ll share with you here. But you shouldn’t just stay here, if you have the time, go to their site and read the entire magazine.

Images: Papier Mache

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ferm LIVING has done it again. I’ve just been by their site, and found lots of new things, I would love to bring into my home. I especially like their collection for kids. Their creations are always very stylish, but in the best way. Kids can actually play with these things. Which of course should be the case hence the name of the collection.

I just find that a lot of companies tend to design stylish stuff for kids, but in reality, the things end up not being used at all, because the play value just isn’t there. We’ve bought our share of ferm LIVING products, I’ll admit that. But unlike lots of other stuff in our home, we actually use the ferm products. So I’m always happy to see their new collection. Here are some of the things, I might bring into my home soon.

Images: ferm Living

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