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If you have the slightest interest in interior design, and I presume that you have – otherwise you probably wouldn’t be reading my blog. I’ve stumbled upon this amazing interior design photographer called Pernille Kaalund. Her work is amazing, and I know I’ll be spending quite some time on her site.

Here are some of my favourite pictures from her Urban Living “The screenplay writers private scene”

Images: Pernille Kaalund


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A collection of my favourite photos taken by the French photographer Nicolas Mathéus. You can find more of his work om his website right here.

Images: Nicolas Mathéus

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Rainy Day

Image: via Solid Frog

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This weekend we’ve been promised that spring would finally arrive. Imagine 20 degrees outside – I’ll have to see it before I actually believe it. But anyway, here are a few pictures to get me in the mood for spring. They are from the blog Mine Venners Hjem (My friends’ home), which I’ve visited before. But who wouldn’t want to go back to a place full of inspiration?

Images: Mine venners hjem

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I’m going to Berlin in a few weeks time, and I’m starting to get excited about the return to the city. So in order to get in the right mood I’ll show you a few pictures from the great German site Freunde von Freunde. If you are the slightest bit interested in creative people, and how they live, you should check out this site.

Meet Christiane Bördner (Art director) and Marcus Gaab (Photographer) in their home (Prenzlauer Berg) and work studio in Kreuzberg. Their home is an apartment (two apartments combined) of 250 kvm. They live there with their two kids (4 and 11 years old). Let yourself get inspired by all their creative details, and the amazing photos. Who wouldn’t want to live with a photographer?

Learn more about Christiane and Marcus and their firm here. You owe yourself to visit I love You magazine right here too. If you want to learn more about Marcus and his job, follow his blog here or visit his site here. And finally, see lots more pictures on Freunde von Freunde.

Images: Freunde von Freunde

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Images: Magnus Anesund via Söderbergagentur

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With two kids in the house I looked forward to a little time alone with the latest issue of Sweet Paul and my Mac. I’ve been doing my assignment for week one (Holly from Decor8’s Blogging Your Way e-course) and now I have a little spare time while the little one is asleep. Here’s some of the pages within the magazine that I find very interesting. It’s always exciting to see how Paul styles the food. This time I think my favourite is the one with the cuttings from books (playing with your food).

You can read the entire magazine right here.

Images: Sweet Paul

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