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Who: Photographer Morten Kildegaard and his two kids – but they also live with their mothers.

Where: Copenhagen, Vesterbro

Images: FRI


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Hope you all have a lovely day with your families. More about my perfect morning in another post today. But first I want to show you this amazing small space where Lasse lives. Lasse lives in Aarhus, Denmark – and is the International Division winner for 2011 in the 7th Annual Smallest Coolest Home Contest on Apartment Therapy.

Images: Apartment Therapy (small cool)

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Who: Nils and Susann Gustafson and their kids Albert (8) and  Aprilia (4).

Where: house (from 1901) in Ramdala, Sweden

Size: 150 kvm

Images: Hus&Hem

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Size: 57 kvm

Location: Vasastan, Stockholm

Things I like about the place:

* The paintings on the wall in the living room

* The shower curtain with stars. I’m addicted to stars

* The photo collage in the hall

* The writing on the wall – although I think it’s a bit too much here. But I like the concept of it

Images: innerstadtsspecialisten

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I’m in love. I’ve been working a lot this week, and haven’t had the time to visit many blogs. But I’ve taken the day off tomorrow, I’m sitting outside Aarhus and the kids are sleeping. It’s pretty great. And I’ve been enjoying myself tonight with google reader. I found this lovely apartment in Stockholm. I know it’s been all over the blog world, but I have to save it too. Lots of fantastic details in this place. And it’s for sale.

Images: Eklund

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Images: bo-laget

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Her er inspiration til hvordan man får plads til en familie på fire på 96 kvm. Familien bor i det centrale Stockholm med en fantastisk udsigt. Se mange flere billeder og læs om familien lige her.

Keep it small – inspiration for the family of four living in small spaces. Get your inspiration from this Swedish family from Stockholm. For more information go here.

Images: Mixr

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