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I’m happy

I’ve had a fantastic weekend. I had the day off on Friday, watched some of the royal wedding, and went shopping with a friend. Enjoyed a quiet night in with the family.

Saturday was our big makeover day. Our balcony had to be cleaned and ready for summer. The whole family got up early, and went shopping for flowers, herbs and other nice things to put out there. Now we just need something to sit on. We need to come up with a safe solution, because the little one has to be safe out there as well. So no chairs or other stuff he can climb up on. Got any suggestions?


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Where: Johanneberg, in Gothenberg, Sweden

Size: 39 kvm

Things I love in this apartment:

* fresh flowers in multiple colours

* The light chain around the window, and the fact that it is black. I love the effect in the room.

* The lamp over the table – notice the purple cord

* The “you me we” print by the bed

* The Kusmi tea in the kitchen. Not only is the tea delicious, but the canister is so decorative

Images: Stadshem

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First of all, I hope you had a great Easter and good company. I sure did. As I wrote earlier this week, my daughter, my husband and I stayed in Berlin for a few days. Came home to our little cute boy, and the kids have been enjoying every minute together after we came home. It’s so great that they’re playing more and more with each other. He’s growing up so fast – but big sis is really loving it, and so am I.

Besides a great Easter, I want to share this  small apartment (47 kvm) in Gothenburg, Sweeden with you guys. It has so many nice details, and it reminds me of my own home. I’ve got some of the same things in my home as well.

Images: Alvhem

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A collection of my favourite photos taken by the French photographer Nicolas Mathéus. You can find more of his work om his website right here.

Images: Nicolas Mathéus

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Cool bathroom

Take a look at this amazing bathroom. Poppytalk has shared this cool photo with the rest of us. On the blog Poppytalk you’ll find more amazing pictures of this very interesting home. The home belongs to Annemarie Buckley, the owner of Scout’s Honor Co. –  a stationery studio in Vermont. Check out Annemarie’s blog here.

Image: Poppytalk

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Little studio is a cute little shop that I would like to share with you guys. And don’t worry, shipment is worldwide, and in April and May it’s free if you buy a pillow. I think I might be tempted to buy something myself. The design is wonderful, and I can imagine several items in my home already. The posters for little people are so cute too. Check out the shop right here.

Images: little studio

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Who: Nils and Susann Gustafson and their kids Albert (8) and  Aprilia (4).

Where: house (from 1901) in Ramdala, Sweden

Size: 150 kvm

Images: Hus&Hem

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