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Images: Magnus Anesund via Söderbergagentur


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It’s a wonderful issue this time. Like the current issue of babiekins, Papier mache magazine features something from Denmark, which is really nice. Apart from the article on the Danish designer behind the clothing brand katvig, the magazine is packed with inspiration. The layout is so simple and cool, and I really love that about the magazine.

There’s a tour of Vigga Svensson’s (Katvig) home, which I’ll share with you here. But you shouldn’t just stay here, if you have the time, go to their site and read the entire magazine.

Images: Papier Mache

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ferm LIVING has done it again. I’ve just been by their site, and found lots of new things, I would love to bring into my home. I especially like their collection for kids. Their creations are always very stylish, but in the best way. Kids can actually play with these things. Which of course should be the case hence the name of the collection.

I just find that a lot of companies tend to design stylish stuff for kids, but in reality, the things end up not being used at all, because the play value just isn’t there. We’ve bought our share of ferm LIVING products, I’ll admit that. But unlike lots of other stuff in our home, we actually use the ferm products. So I’m always happy to see their new collection. Here are some of the things, I might bring into my home soon.

Images: ferm Living

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I’ve been working from home today due to a feverish little boy. It was my first time after I got the new job. And luckily enough, I made it for the daily deadline. But now I need some time all to myself – and what better way to have that than to blog. So here I am. I’ve been collecting wonderful images from the website bo-laget. And I feel very inspired right now. I’ll share some of them with you now, and save some for later.

I’ll just head over to Blogging Your Way’s forum, and catch up. For those of you, who are considering taking Holly Becker’s e-course (decor8), I have one thing to say. Just do it! I promise you, you won’t regret it.

Images: bo-laget

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My husband doesn’t like them at all, but I’ll figure out a way to get one into the apartment anyway. I just like the cuteness of this poster. And the colors are pretty neat. I just can’t decide, which one to pick. I think I’ll put it in my daughter’s room. When she gets older, I’m sure she’ll appreciate it.

Images: Super Rural

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Susanna Vento‘s home has been features in the magazine Dwell. Susanne is a Finish stylist and she authors the very stylish blog Varpunen.

Three things I like about the home:

– I love the fact that her personal style is all over the place, eben in the kid’s room. The graphic details are amazing.

– The lamp in the kitchen. It reminds me of a circus, in the best possible way of course.

– The decorations on the walls. Very personal, and they give the place a very nice atmosphere.

Images: Dwell

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This is as good as it gets in terms of stylish living. The apartment is in Stockholm and a perfect example of how to decorate a not so big apartment. The apartment is 103 kvm and has four rooms and a kitchen. This apartment belongs to freelance interior stylist Lotta Agaton. And the best part – it is for sale. Learn more about that right here.

Five things I love about the apartment:

– The read lips phone. This item will always have a special place in my heart. I saw it the very first time I visited London, but didn’t buy it. Then on my second visit, I walked by the shop (pure luck), and had to buy it – and so I did. I was 16 and very much in love with my new phone. And the I actually saw one in a shop in town this summer.

– All the black & white prints, especially the ones by Therese Sennerholt. I would love to own one of them.

– The mix of cheap and expensive furniture. The combination makes her apartment look like a comfy zone.

– The red room – given the fact that the rest of the apartment is in black & write, I love the way the color red is used, in what must be her daughter’s room.

– The letters and numbers all around the apartment. See how many you can find.

Images: Oscars Mäkleri

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